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As long time fans of music based narrative films and docs, we always wanted to make a movie in this genre.  The alternative/independent rock scene that exploded in the late 80's/early 90's was a period we hold dear to our hearts. The music created during that stretch still has great influence today, as the descendants of Nirvana, The Pixies, Sonic Youth, The Replacements, Radiohead and their compatriots are everywhere on rock radio (which is actually on the internet, but we still call it radio).  It's also a type of music that has never received it's proper cinematic due. 

Part of what made Almost Famous such a great film was it's love affair with the music of the era.  It was saturated with the classic rock sounds of the early and mid 70's, a "needle-drop" film as Martin Scorcese would say.  This is how we envisioned The Incoherents and what makes our film so distinctive:  killer, melodic tunes buzzing in your ear as we tell our story...

In the film, Bruce Flansburgh ( Jeff Auer) and his wife Liz (Kate Arrington), struggle to regain their "artsy" roots.  When they met in college, she was a painter studying graphic design and he was the lead singer in a rock band; lyricist teaching himself guitar.  After Bruce abandoned his rock dreams abruptly,  the years slipped away, the kids came along, the family moved out to Jersey and the artistic couple lost their mojo.  But now it's rearing it's head again because at their core, it never went away...

Leading up to production Alex Emanuel (Jimmy, the Keith Richards to Bruce's Mick Jagger) and Jeff wrote a bunch of original songs for The Incoherents to perform in the film.  Out of 25 demos recorded by Alexwe chose seven, and recorded them at Magic Door Studio in Montclair, NJ with Ray Ketchem.  We were blessed to have Alex's friends, guitarist Sean Eden from Luna and drummer Kevin March of Guided By Voices, perform on the tracks.  How’s that for an 90’s indie rock one two-punch?  

The film also includes musical performances from Tony Winner Stew, Jimmy Gnecco of Ours, Fiona Silver, Gentlemen Brawlers and the band 60/40, plus appearances by Chris Barron of The Spin Doctors, Jack McKeever, Joe Hurley and Richard Barone among other musicians... 

With all this and the songs we've secured the rights to from from bands from The Incoherents era as well as artists from the contemporary NYC scene, we think its safe to say that a KILLER, eclectic soundtrack awaits.  

Here are a few photo from our recording session at Magic Door, plus some Emanuel/Auer Demos for The Incoherents songs not included in the film:

Photo Mar 28, 3 17 41 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 28, 1 16 46 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 28, 1 17 34 PM (1).jpg

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