The Incoherents

A Rock 'n' Roll Comedy Feature Film

This is a promotional site for our indie film.


the graphics

In the movie, Liz Flansburgh, our female lead played by the lovely Kate Arrington, and her husband Bruce, played by the hysterical Jeff Auer, are trying to find their younger, artsy, inner-selves.  In college, Liz studied painting and drew scribbled on every surface.  In the early 90s her work became digital graphic design and her career blossomed.  But as the years passed, kids arrived and she and Bruce migrated to the Jersey suburbs; he got a job as a paralegal and she raised Patti and Steven.  Now they are committing to each other and getting their groove back.  Here are a few examples of her graphic design work.

TSHIRT on black.jpg

The "original" logo

Back in the 90s the rock scene exploded visually when Nirvana put a baby floating in a swimming pool.  Here you see Liz's first logo design for her boyfriend's band THE INCOHERENTS. (Original artwork bby Jared Barel for the film)

Gwen's "Book"

In the movie, Liz gets her first job back in the commercial graphic design biz from her sister Gwen's upcoming novel.  (Original artwork by Jared Barel for the film)



The "Mercury Lounge" poster

Finally,  Bruce tells his boss (played brilliantly by Robert McKay) the truth, he is a rocker and has a gig and cannot stay late at the law firm.  This is the poster Bruce slaps down on the conference table before he scoops up his golf bag (secretly carrying his left-handed guitar) designed by Liz (original artwork by Jared Barel exclusively for the movie).

An early sketch for the logo

This is an early sketch of Liz's that the band used originally in the super, early days. It ain't easy building a good band but she did what she could do to make them seem was not easy (original artwork by Alex Emanuel exclusively for the movie).

The 2017 logo

As the couple relaunches their joint careers, Liz brings the band's logo in to the 21st Century.  This is the updated logo she designed (original artwork by Jared Barel exclusively for the movie).

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