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THE INCOHERENTS is a dramatic-comedy feature film in the spirit of SIDEWAYS, ALMOST FAMOUS and OLD SCHOOL. Populated by an eclectic cross section of New York City characters, “The Incoherents” comically touches upon relationships, aging, reality, and dreams wrapped in a love letter to the continuing lure and thrill of Rock ‘n’ Roll... 

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Interview with Alex Emanuel (INCOHERENTS producer, “Jimmy”, music) about the making of the film for NO REST FOR THE WEEKEND Podcast.

Interview with THE INCOHERENTS Producers Jeff Auer, Jared Barel and Alex Emanuel, opening night of the 10th Annual SOHO International Film Festival.

SOHO Interntational Film Festival “Meet the Filmmakers” Series: THE INCOHERENTS. Producers Jeff Auer and Alex Emanuel invite you to the Manhattan Premiere. Includes a special ***sneak preview*** clip from the film.

Interview with THE INCOHERENTS Director Jared Barel for IT CAME FROM THE RADIO March 27th, 2019. They start talking about the film around 23 mins. 50 seconds in.


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September 2019

Fresh off a trip to Lake Tahoe and The Jukebox International Film Festival in Carson City, NV, where Alex Emanuel represented The Incoherents as they took home awards for "Best of Fest", "Best Narrative Feature" and "Best Screenplay", while heading a seminar about acting for festival participants, this weekend, Saturday 9/14 at 9pm to be precise, brings the film’s long-awaited Brooklyn Premiere. What better location could you think of? It's gonna rock. Coming up in October, The Incoherents will screen at, among other places, The Mystic Film Festval in Mystic, CT and at New Filmmakers in Manhattan.


May 2019

That’s right INCS fans, we’re posting here for the FIRST time in… gulp… 2 years! Why, you ask? Well, we have been posting regularly on Facebook and semi-regularly on Instagram in the interim, but this is because we’ve been busy with Post Production and Film Festival submissions. We completed a lengthy Post in March of this year and screened successfully TWICE that month, garnering an award for Best Home Grown Feature and a nomination for Best Comedy in the process. The feedback we received was across the board TOTALLY AMAZING. Now, on June 22nd at 8:40pm The Incoherents is having its NYC Premiere at the 10th Annual SOHO International Film Festival, we’ll be playing in the main theater of the Village East Cinema, 181-189 2nd Avenue @ 12th street in Manhattan! You know you wanna be there, so… see you there!

May 2017

The Incoherents have left the building! On May 22nd it was a picture wrap on the film! Now it's on to Post Production and then... infinity and beyond! Thank you to our CAST, CREW, LOCATIONS and all who made this wild journey possible!

May 2017

The Incoherents are proud to welcome "Blue Bloods" Amy Carlson  to the production in the role of "Jerry"!

April 2017

The Incoherents are proud to welcome "Smallville"s Annette O'Toole  to the production in the role of "Mrs. Graham"!

April 2017

Our 3rd block of shooting wrapped on April 9th with The Incoherents performing Live at their 1st in-film gig (at The Footlight Bar  in Queens). Overall a VERY successful 5 days of filming, only one block of shooting to go!

March 2017

The Incoherents are proud to welcome "Sun Records" Margaret Anne Florence  to the production in the role of "Debbie"!

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February 2017

Our second set of shooting dates are set!  We will be filming the opening dream sequence, Bruce's house and Jimmy's Bar in Bergen County, Princeton and NYC February 11-14 and we want you to be there: Please FILL OUT THIS FORM to apply.


January 2017

The Incoherents are proud to welcome "Billions" and Steppenwolf Ensemble Member Kate Arrington to the production in the role of "Liz"!

December 2016

On December 17, 2016, The Incoherents began production! Filming will take place over the next few months so stay tuned for more updates!

December 2016

The Incoherents are proud to welcome "Madame Secretary's" Christine Chang to the production in the role of "Grace"!

December 2016

The Incoherents are proud to welcome Robert McKay from Netflix's "Daredevil" and the film "Hidden Figures" to the production in the role of "George"!

January 2016

The Incoherents are proud to welcome Casting Director Adrienne Stern to the production! Stay tuned for some exciting casting news coming soon!

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December 2015

In addition to funds invested toward the budget of the film, we're excited to announce a successful (and on going) Indie Go-Go campaign that exceeded our initial goal for our first round of crowd funding! To support the cause and contribute to the film (and for some rockin' perks) check out the campaign HERE

November 2015

Check out Jeff and Alex's interview on the podcast FLICKWISH RISING HERE!

September 2015

Come to our FREE fundraising party at Hi-Fi in NYC! Thursday, September 24th, 7-10pm. Feature live music, comedians, screenings, and some great drinks! Come meet the team!

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